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The field of human evolution is limited, machines such as the OCS replace some extent the diver. At the forefront of technology, ROVs are used primarily in the oil industry, yet they are also used in underwater archeology. In this picture one of the ROV manipulator arm is equipped with a dredge. To grab objects, a suction cup is mounted on a finger of robot arms, with a pump to two directions, either because a jet under pressure to accurately identify either to remove the object by creating a suction to catch a object. % CHAMP8%

Contemporary discoveries

archeo-hyeres-subaquatiqueWe are still waiting to find amphoras and other ancient objects, however, at the turn of the Posidonia area we can also find more contemporary items ...

Education: expression "treasure hunt".

t is often heard here and there the term "treasure hunt" during educational activities especially to a young audience. This expression should be prohibited when it comes to archeology. It seems that sometimes the baths archeology, history, research, collecting and looting are commingled, yet these areas differ from one ethically and legally. We have repeatedly encountered such examples, especially among scuba divers, we are trying to get the value of cultural property and at the same time clarify some beliefs or myths.

At the sea

archeo-plongee-prospectionAfter a summer season:

During our campaigns underwater we again had regrets the failure of the signal (announcing the presence of divers) by boaters. The next summer we would try to establish an information through a prospectus.

Deep water archaeology  

The use and development of remote control equipment, primarily the ROV in underwater archeology has helped broaden and deepen research so far virtually impossible. Such facilities make archeology at depths accessible and improve working conditions in waters shallower. With technological advances it has increased security, performance, reliability and reduced human intervention to reduce the risk of injury of personnel. Click the presentation to scroll through the pages.

Wreck the electronic means of detection (3). swf

The use and development of electronic equipment for detection in underwater archeology has helped broaden and deepen research previously virtually impossible. Such facilities make archeology more efficient


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