Techniques de fouilles subaquatiques

Il existe une multitude de techniques de fouilles employées en archéologie, à la recherche d'épaves etc.

Le détecteur de métal immergeable

The submersible sensor is a good way to look for clues in the past. Its use is regulated and require authorization. In order not to exclude areas of detection on a given surface, a tracking / tagging is to install.


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This technique, used mainly in the shallow Caribbean, is to adapt the output support surface propellers, large diameter pipes bent at 90 degrees. The boat tied securely on several points then engages its propellers, and the flow generated is deflected by 90 degrees, directly on the bottom. Most often used in pairs, the plunger is located between the two streams to monitor developments. This method is not archaeological, and mainly used by treasure hunters.

Water dredge

By a Venturi effect, the water pressure creates a suction.


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