La Tour Fondue: its battery, its pier and its Roman villa

The Tour Fondue

Les liaisons maritimes

The connections between Porquerolles and the mainland (Giens) were carried out from the small dock of the Tour Fondue. This is still existing service, a diving club is still used to moor his boat ..

The Tour Fondue

The book bastions was built in 1634 and defended the pass between Porquerolles and Giens. It seems that owes its name to the state of ruin that had the earlier building at Fort Vauban. Today, this is near the pier batterrie to get to Porquerolles

Villa Maritime

Behind the Tour Fondue, a seaside town that was discovered during construction of the carpark. The villa dates from the time of Augustus and was used both to agriculture, resort and inn for passenger vessels making stops. Mosaics, paintings and marble veneers were found during excavations around 1975.
tour fondue

Shipwreck of Tour Fondue

Diaporama Tour Fondue  à partir 1900 DR


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