School gunners 

Cover shot on Hyères has never ceased to evolve over time due to change weapons, techniques, positions and structures of complaints. In the archives, it is not uncommon to find residents complained: - a shepherd complains Island Ribaud a cannonball decapitated a sheep ... - in Giens, the vines were torn ....... - windows broken in the blast of gunfire - tourism professionals and tourists have complained of receiving sockets machine gun fire from airplanes and express their concerns about the shooting targets located on the beach ...

Canon fire from a ship

tir sur les mèdes
Ships have long guns on the coast of Cape Hyères including Medes is one of the best examples. In a dive it is not uncommon to find shells on the merits.

Cap des Mèdes

rocher des medes
This rock has been used for years to target, but it was not the only targets on the coast Hyèrois, firing zones are numerous, we will mention only the cap Esterel Pesquiers the pond and many others.
archeologie arevpam

Battle station nineteenth century

archeologie hyeres

Tir de l'escadre dans la rade


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