The shipwreck in front Olbia

The tartane  at Almanarre

The Tartan Almanarre Mediterranean sailing ship, dating from the nineteenth century sank a few meters from the Roman pier. Today its load of stacked blocks reveals the presence of the wreck, wood is still visible on the condition that the Mistral does not cover the sand with his strength. The boat is in 5 feet of water, fifty yards from shore. The reasons for the sinking is still unknown, but one can assume that the boat sank by excessive load or a leak or bad weather.
bois de l'epave

The wooden structure of the tartan with a portion of its load

epave de la tartane à olbia

The wooden structure of the tartan. 

epave archeologique sous marine

The tartan and its load. 

epave archeologique à olbia

The tartan and its load. 


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