The legislation in hyperbaric

The legislation in hyperbaric

The regulations for underwater interventions of any nature

Underwater archaeological activities and submarine in France are governed by a set of decrees and laws regulating the work rules in a hyperbaric environment. We invite you to take knowledge of the decrees. The amateur archaeologists who wish to participate in underwater construction and underwater (exploration, drilling, mining etc ...) are therefore subject to labor legislation. Security conditions, decompression etc ... must conform to the specifications of the labor law and DRASSM These conditions supersede all rules, including FFESSM. The best example is the use of tables instead of tables MT92 diving leisure MN90. The amateur diver may request a temporary waiver if he will make a classification allowing a full-time to continue his passion as volunteers and provided, of course, pass a medical examination. The ranking will be 1B or 2B, this classification does not allow to be paid as a diver that another training longer, sharper and more expensive. Note: The waiver system should be completed soon,the other Hyperbaric legislation is being changed .


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