At Palyvestre airbase (DR) 

In the early twentieth century, the marshy plain of Palyvestre was used as airfield where famous aviators landing: Elie Mollien, Louis Emile Train and Helen Dutrieu.

Seaplane pier (DR)

archeologie aviation arevpamLocated south of the base, the pier was used for seaplanes.

Escadrille 3S1 (DR)

archeologie aviation arevpamWith a seaplane hangar.
archeologie aviation arevpam

Goliath seaplane (DR)

Nieuport fighter (DR)

archeologie aviation arevpamAppeared 20 years, the Nieuport 62 biplane aircraft of the squadron 3C1, was the backbone of French fighter aircraft. Model: Nieuport-Delage Ni-D.622 C.1 Year of commissioning: 1928 Country of origin: France Manufacturer: Nieuport-Delage S. A. Mission: Hunter Wingspan: 12.00 m Length: 7.63 m Height: 3.00 m Airfoil: 28.94m ² Motors: 1 motor Hispano-Suiza V-12 MAD Total Power: 1 x 500 hp Armament: 2 Vickers machine guns synchronized to 7.7 mm Structure: wood and canvas Weight: 1838 kg Maximum speed: 248 km / h at 5000 m Ceiling: 7700 m Range: 650 km Crew: 1
archeologie aviation arevpam

Vue sur l'aérodrome.


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